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'studio window'

(Oil on Board, 16"x20")


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

absolutely beautiful!

Emil Figueroa said...

Another great painting! I love the harmony of the jewel toned vases. I 'feel' the depth between the inside and the outside.

MauritaMason said...

Simply amazing.

Bridget said...

Amazing! I love the way you paint the glasses, it's very difficult with colors (for me!)and very very well done!

d. prizzi said...

@Last Cup of Coffee: Thank you!

@Emil Figueroa: Thanks Emil. Painting a still life and 'quiet' landscape in the background was a first.

@MauritaMason: Thanks for visiting.

@Bridget: Thanks Bridget. I wanted to paint a grouping of glass........ finally got around to it.

I agree, glass is a challenge!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Beautiful job on all that glass, very challenging, but you are up to it!