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'Garlic and Spice'

'Best in Show' 2007 Spring Show
 Kent Artist Association


Diana Gibson said...

Oooohhh! I have such a soft spot for onions, garlic, challots, etc. You have done a wonderful job on this painting! I know how difficult it is to get the sheen and texture of the onions, most notably the red onions! Love your choice of fabric and background. The cool of the cloth contrasts nicely with the warmth of the subject. Lovely painting!


D. Prizzi said...

Hi Diana... Thanks for the comment. It was sort of serendipitous...the color scheme. In the past I haven't made this a primary concern when composing a piece. For me, getting the value right was and still is paramount over color. Although, color is increasingly becoming a serious contemplation prior to the first brushstroke. On my list of art books, I have yet to buy, is The Yin Yang of Painting, by Hongnian Zhang and Lois Woolley.

By the way I really enjoy your blog. I have been to the barn in Ridgewood. Great art school!